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  • What do you do as a Money Coach?
    A lot of people don't realize that the underlying stress and anxiety in their life is caused by financial troubles or worries, and I help people solve that. I help by providing insights and hope through one-on-one coaching. I will provide the tools, resources and support the client needs to improve their personal finances. The Process: Start where you are --> Education --> Knowledge --> Action --> Confident Living
  • What are some examples of financial challenges you help people solve?
    Here are some examples: Am I saving enough? How do I pay off my debt? Am I going to be financially okay? What can I do to put the financial odds in my favour? How do I pay fewer taxes during my lifetime and when I am gone? Do I follow a financial plan that meets my goals? Does my spending match my values? Do I have an adequate Will? Do I have enough insurance? Do I know how to invest wisely? How long will my money last? Which of my assets should I spend first when I retire? When should I take my government benefits? Will I be a financial blessing or burden for them one day if I have kids? Do I have enough saved for my kids’ education? How much inheritance will remain for my loved ones? For my favourite charity? I inherited significant wealth. How do I make the best use of this new wealth? If I must go today, is my financial house in order?
  • What makes you different from another Financial Planner?
    My coaching helps my clients find clarity in their financial goals and confidence to achieve their dream financial future. My approach is a combination of my work experience (more details in my LinkedIn profile here), qualifications and personal life experiences. I am an independent self-employed professional, which allows me to be objective when I recommend a solution as I am detached from other influences. Hence, I can look at what is best for you without selling you on anything in particular.
  • What is the difference between Money Coaching and Financial Planning?
    I wrote about this, which you can find here. I also made an IGTV video about this, which you can find here.
  • How much do you charge?
    The first consultation is free to determine how I can help you. The most important thing in that first meeting is determining whether we can work together and how I can meet your needs. Because I operate as a sole proprietor and have a low operating cost, my price is reasonable. The investment in getting Money Coaching pays dividends for the rest of your life. You will have in a plan that you know you can implement and you will have confidence in your financial future.
  • What kind of clients do you work with?
    My clients are from all walks of life: - ready for change - all age group - Generation Next having inherited large sum of money I have developed a noteworthy clientele of professionals, especially physicians and engineers.
  • How can I trust you?
    The reason I chose to become a Money Coach is to help others and be of service. I believe that you will find me trustworthy once we meet and we get to know each other. To remain objective, I operate independently as a self-employed professional. I do not sell financial products as part of my practice. This allows me to stay detached and objective when I look at my clients’ needs and best serve them.
  • How do you serve your clients?
    I work with my clients online through Zoom. Since I interact with my clients online, they can reach me, and I can serve them from anywhere. Geographically, I serve clients in every province from all across Canada.
  • Where do I start?
    Start here to book a free consultation.
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