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Money Coaching vs Financial Planning

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Financial Planning is a subset of Money Coaching. A Financial Plan is an end product of Money Coaching. Money coaching helps the individual adopt new healthy financial habits by starting where the person is and guides the person to move in the right direction. I don’t remember being taught about financial literacy and personal finance in high school. If your experience is anything like mine, I learned a lot by making mistakes or reading a good book. There was not much in terms of financial schooling. Money Coaching fills the schooling gap and helps you get back to financial health by providing knowledgeable, dependable support.

At Money Coach JM, we help you get your financial house in order and live life confidently.

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With limited financial literacy, we concluded that having the expertise of a financial advisor will be very helpful. As soon as we heard that Jean Marie is a financial advisor, we jumped on the bandwagon and we must acknowledge that we did not regret our decision. His knowledge, advices and professionalism have been a light on our path to financial literacy and how to approach money to serve us. We learnt a lot and his wise and helpful tips make us a more discipline saver. Our financial worries as dark clouds over our shoulder are dissipated through a long term plan that we set up together. We now felt less stressed and we this help us focusing on other importan…

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