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How to live your dream?

Live Your Dream

"The definition of greatness is discovering your unique talents and gifts, to pursue your dreams, and in that pursuit, making maximum impact on the people around you." - Lewis Howes.

I dream of a meaningful life. I want to help as many people as I can by coaching and serving through my Money Coaching business. That is my dream. What is yours?

The role of a coach

A coach prepares the individual for the future by building skills. He works best with individuals who have not yet realized their full potential. He motivates by challenging the individual and he communicates with positive statements to foster a high level of personal gratification.

It is fun to have a coach because you get results, and he helps you achieve your goals.

The picture was taken at the Village Hive at the Duncan Mills location

Why Money Coaching?

I have always approached my various corporate roles throughout my career as a coach. My job title may be Financial Manager, Director or Controller etc., but I excel because of my coaching ability. As I considered a career shift, coaching was a natural choice. It also fits the bill of wanting to do something meaningful, serving others.

Money Coaching goes beyond financial planning. I made a short IGTV video to explain the difference, and you can find it here. As a Money Coach, I have your back and I want you to succeed. It's about providing the support, tools, training and resources you need to be financially successful.

As a Money Coach, I provide insights. If you have doubts, I provide hope. I am a guide, and you are the hero of your story. I look at your potential, what your financial future could look like and how to get there.

If you already have a financial plan, it helps to let a Money Coach have a look. He can point out some blind spots in the plan and make practical suggestions. This provides you with a second opinion and confidence in your approach. We are talking money, and bad money decisions can be costly. So, by consulting with a Money Coach, you are covering all your bases.

I appreciate that you are reading this blog to the end. Thank you for following my journey as I want to become salt and light in the world by offering this Money Coaching service. I hope I get a chance to help you.

As always, if you have any questions, please let me know. I would be happy to help you change your financial future today.

Your Money Coach JM

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