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How a small decision can turn your life around

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

Early on in my career, I worked as a Financial Analyst at a large organization with retail stores across Canada. My role was to provide financial training to the franchisees/owners of the stores. In addition, I was required to work with franchisees in financial difficulties. In most cases, we were able to help out the franchisee to bring their store back to profitability. In the few instances where we had no choice but to take back the store from the franchisee, it was mainly due to the inability of the franchisee to ask for help. In the successful turnaround, the franchisee was willing to get help. And the help came in the form of other neighbourhood franchisees pitching in by sharing their best practices and providing free business consulting to the owner of the struggling store. Willingness to accept help was the key to success.

The same step applies to the one who wants to better manage their finances. Admit that you need help. Help comes in many forms. You can find information on the internet. You can read a good book. You can ask your friends and family how they manage their finance. Getting help is the first step. More important is to have the humility to accept the help. As a money coach, I continuously seek help from my colleagues in the field. Even though I operate as a sole proprietorship, I have several colleagues whom I can ask for help. Be humble and be willing to get and accept help from others. That’s the key to financial success.

Here’s a list of website I recommend:

Decide to be humble and ask for help, that may be the best small decision you make to start a bright financial future.

It's easier to walk with friends and get help than to walk alone

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